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Gas Measurement Using Static Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrometers
We present a novel, compact gas measurement system using a static single-mirror Fourier transform spectrometer (sSMFTS). Expand
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A review of hyperspectral imaging for nanoscale materials research
ABSTRACT As an emerging technology, hyperspectral imaging (HSI), which combines both advanced spectroscopy and imaging techniques, provides sufficient information for spectral and spatial analysisExpand
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Microscale Spectroscopic Mapping of 2D Optical Materials
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Dual-channel mid-infrared sensor based on tunable Fabry-Pérot filters for fluid monitoring applications
Abstract In this article, the design and application of an optical sensor for fluid monitoring based on two tunable Fabry-Perot filters is presented. The sensor enables fluid transmissionExpand
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Advances in Optical Fiber Sensors Based on Multimode Interference (MMI): A Review
In recent years, optical fiber sensors based on multimode interference (MMI) have attracted increasing interest and developed into various sensors used in many practical applications. This reviewExpand
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Analysis of sub-pixel laser spot detection in laser triangulation systems
Laser spot detection is an important step of laser triangulation and limits its accuracy. Expand
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Broadband static Fourier transform mid-infrared spectrometer.
For applications where only moderate spectral resolution is required, static Fourier transform infrared spectrometers (sFTS) offer a comparatively cost-effective alternative to classical scanningExpand
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Line-Scan Hyperspectral Imaging Microscopy with Linear Unmixing for Automated Two-Dimensional Crystals Identification
Two-dimensional (2D) materials exhibit unique optical properties when controlled to atomic thickness, and show large potential for applications in optoelectronics, photodetectors, and tunable excit...
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Characterization and layer thickness mapping of two-dimensional MoS2 flakes via hyperspectral line-scanning microscopy
A micro-reflectance imaging system based on hyperspectral line-scanning microscope is developed for surface characterization and thickness mapping of two-dimensional MoS2. The hyperspectral datacubeExpand
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