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A major challenge in human genetics is to devise a systematic strategy to integrate disease-associated variants with diverse genomic and biological data sets to provide insight into disease pathogenesis and guide drug discovery for complex traits such as rheumatoid arthritis (RA). Here we performed a genome-wide association study meta-analysis in a total of(More)
Peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor gamma (PPARG) is a master transcriptional regulator of adipocyte differentiation and a canonical target of antidiabetic thiazolidinedione medications. In rare families, loss-of-function (LOF) mutations in PPARG are known to cosegregate with lipodystrophy and insulin resistance; in the general population, the common(More)
Basilar membrane (BM) velocity responses were measured in the presence of olivocochlear bundle (OCB) stimulation. Frequency threshold tuning curves (FTCs) were derived from tone-evoked input-output (I/O) functions. Efferent nerve activation produced decreases in velocity amplitude for frequencies around best frequency (BF) at low stimulus levels with little(More)
OBJECTIVE To identify ways for improving the consistency of design, conduct, and results reporting of time and motion (T&M) research in health informatics. MATERIALS AND METHODS We analyzed the commonalities and divergences of empirical studies published 1990-2010 that have applied the T&M approach to examine the impact of health IT implementation on(More)
Electric current applied to the cochlea can evoke in situ electromotile responses of the organ of Corti. These nonsound-generated responses can give insight into the mechanics of the organ as the putative forces produced by outer hair cells (OHC) must couple to the modes of vibration of the basilar membrane (BM). In this study, platinum-iridium wire(More)
Boston Children's Hospital. CC-BY-ND 4.0 International license peer-reviewed) is the author/funder. It is made available under a The copyright holder for this preprint (which was not. . CC-BY-ND 4.0 International license peer-reviewed) is the author/funder. It is made available under a The copyright holder for this preprint (which was not. ABSTRACT Genetic(More)
Vernalization plays a key role in the bolting and flowering of Chinese cabbage (Brassica rapa L. ssp. pekinensis). Plants can switch from vegetative to reproductive growth and then bolt and flower under low temperature induction. The economic benefits of Chinese cabbage will decline significantly when the bolting happens before the vegetative body fully(More)
  • Yang Qinke Etal, Q K Yang, C M Wang, M H Guo, Zhao, Wang +2 others
  • 2013
—In order to meet the demand of topographic parameters for 10 national soil erosion inventory and mapping, hydrologically correct 11 DEMs (Hc-DEMs in short) with 25m resolution for China have been 12 generated with more than 21000 map sheets of 1:50,000 topographic 13 maps (using contours, spot heights, and part of the streams), primary 14 topographic(More)
  • Emma L Black, Jie, Michael Guo, Evangelos Vagenas-Nanos
  • 2011
With the rise of China's global presence, mergers conducted by domestic bidders have begun to raise political and economic concern. This paper directly examines this topical debate by comparatively assessing the performance of inexperienced Chinese bidders undertaking mergers against the experienced merger market of the US. The work shows that US bidders(More)