Michael Hötter

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An object-oriented analysis-synthesis coder is presented which encodes objects instead of blocks of N x N picture elements. The objects are described by three parameter sets defining the motion, shape and colour of an object. The parameter sets are obtained by image analysis based on source models of either moving 2D-objects or moving 3D-objects. Known(More)
The determination of displacement vectors is an important task in the context of temporal image sequence analysis, as well as in stereoscopic vision. The relations between images taken from an image sequence or a stereo pair are conceptually represented by a displacement vector field which establishes a pairwise correspondence between points in both(More)
In this paper, an object-oriented analysis-synthesis coder is presented the first time in its entity concentrating on an optimal relationship of its components image analysis, image synthesis and parameter coding and on a comparison of its coding efficiency to block-oriented hybrid coding. As block-oriented hybrid coder, the RM8 of the CCITT is used. The(More)
A prerequisite for driver assistance applications is a high reliable and comprehensive description of the surrounding environment. The quality of the environmental description depends on the accuracy, reliability and the interpretation of the sensors measurements. In this paper an evaluation method is introduced based on two quality metrics derived from the(More)
Die Schätzung von Verschiebungsvektoren ist sowohl für die Analyse von zeitlichen Bildsequenzen als auch für die Interpretation von Stereobildpaaren von zentraler Bedeutung. Im Vordergrund dieses Beitrags steht die Frage, wie mit vertretbarem Aufwand eine möglichst zuverlässige Bestimmung der Verschiebungsvektoren möglich ist. Dabei wird berücksichtigt, daß(More)