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The process of inferring phylogenetic trees from molecular sequences almost always starts with a multiple alignment of these sequences but can also be based on methods that do not involve multiple sequence alignment. Very little is known about the accuracy with which such alignment-free methods recover the correct phylogeny or about the potential for(More)
We have developed an alignment-free method that calculates phylogenetic distances using a maximum-likelihood approach for a model of sequence change on patterns that are discovered in unaligned sequences. To evaluate the phylogenetic accuracy of our method, and to conduct a comprehensive comparison of existing alignment-free methods (freely available as(More)
As a part of the project " Computer Aided Software Marketing " , a cooperation between DATEV eG and the Bavarian Research Center for Knowledge-based Systems (FORWISS), Erlangen, we developed a Product Advising System (PAS) that is based on the World Wide Web. The tool is designed to help customers finding software solutions for their specific problem and in(More)
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