Michael Höhl

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MOTIVATION To allow a direct comparison of the genomic DNA sequences of sufficiently similar organisms, there is an urgent need for software tools that can align more than two genomic sequences. RESULTS We developed new algorithms and a software tool 'Multiple Genome Aligner' (MGA for short) that efficiently computes multiple genome alignments of large,(More)
The process of inferring phylogenetic trees from molecular sequences almost always starts with a multiple alignment of these sequences but can also be based on methods that do not involve multiple sequence alignment. Very little is known about the accuracy with which such alignment-free methods recover the correct phylogeny or about the potential for(More)
We have developed an alignment-free method that calculates phylogenetic distances using a maximum-likelihood approach for a model of sequence change on patterns that are discovered in unaligned sequences. To evaluate the phylogenetic accuracy of our method, and to conduct a comprehensive comparison of existing alignment-free methods (freely available as(More)
Benutzermodelle sind ein wichtiger Baustein auf dem Weg zu einer sinnhaften Vollautomation der Informationsverarbeitung (IV). Indem sie dafür sorgen, dass „sich Computer und Mensch gut verstehen“, erhöhen sie die Akzeptanz von Anwendungssystemen. Darüber hinaus helfen sie, Informationen im Internet zu suchen, zu filtern und individuell zu präsentieren.(More)
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