Michael Gutman

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Abstruct-The problem of predicting the next outcome of an individual binary sequence using finite memory, is considered. The finite-state predictability of an infinite sequence is defined as the minimum fraction of prediction errors that can be made by any finite-state (FS) predictor. It is proved that this FS predictability can be attained by universal(More)
We focus on the estimation of the order of a finite Markov source based on empirically observed statistics. The following performance criterion is adopted minimize the probability of underestimating the model order while keeping the overestimation probability exponent at a given prescribed level. A universal asymptotically optimal test, in the sense just(More)
OBJECTIVES The purpose of this study was to provide further evidence that allergic rhinitis is an important factor in chronic and recurrent acute rhinosinusitis. Specifically, this study shows that perennial allergens play a more significant role than seasonal allergens. STUDY DESIGN AND SETTING Census by chart review of patients with chronic and(More)
PURPOSE To test the feasibility and safety of a percutaneous magnetic resonance (MR) imaging-guided technique for radiofrequency (RF) interstitial thermal ablation of the tongue base and to correlate MR appearance of induced thermal lesions with histopathologic findings in pigs in acute and chronic porcine models. MATERIALS AND METHODS A 1-cm-tip RF(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess the effect of injection immunotherapy on mucociliary clearance in allergic patients with the use of the saccharin test. METHODS In this prospective cohort study, mucociliary clearance in 42 allergic patients treated with injection immunotherapy was determined with the saccharin test. Of these patients, 23 were retested 1 year later to(More)