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The impact of applying barrel distortion correction to endoscopic imagery in the context of automated celiac disease diagnosis is experimentally investigated. For a large set of feature extraction techniques, it is found that contrasting to intuition, no improvement but even significant result degradation of classification accuracy can be observed. For(More)
Distortion correction in two variants is applied to endoscopic duodenal imagery aiming at an improvement of automated classification of celiac disease affected mucosa patches. In a set of heterogeneous feature extraction techniques, only geometry and shape related ones are able to benefit from distortion correction, while for others, even a decrease of(More)
Ever increasing passenger numbers have prompted the rise of automated border control (ABC) systems. Such systems are expected to perform the identity check of a traveler with the same or higher reliability as a human border guard. One important aspect of such a control is the authentication of the identity document provided by the traveler. To ensure a(More)
Recommended by Stefan Katzenbeisser This paper analyzes the robustness properties of 2D chaotic map image encryption schemes. We investigate the behavior of such block ciphers under different channel error types and find the transmission error robustness to be highly dependent on the type of error occurring and to be very different as compared to the(More)
We introduce a novel open-source framework for analyzing and exploring point cloud datasets and algorithms. This is done by integrating the Point Cloud Library (PCL) within ParaView, a parallel scientific visualization tool. In particular , we demonstrate that by wrapping PCL algorithms as VTK 1 filters, we can leverage PCL's functionality in an(More)
OBJECTIVES We evaluated two microcirculatory function-tests, the Laser Doppler (LD)-Anemometry and the Laser Doppler Imager (LDI)-Flowmetry in their value to further elucidate functional behavior of the "Vibration-induced white finger syndrome" (VWF) and to distinguish between Raynaud's phenomenon (RP) of idiopathic or vibration origin. PARTICIPANTS AND(More)
In this paper, we introduce a novel and cost effective approach to calibrate the geometric properties of a far-infrared (IR) sensor. We further demonstrate that fully automatic sensor-to-sensor calibration is feasible in a setup involving a laser range scanner, IR cameras as well as conventional cameras. The calibration result then serves as a basis for(More)
Chaotic mixing based encryption schemes for visual data are shown to be robust to lossy compression as long as the security requirements are not too high. This property facilitates the application of these ciphers in scenarios where lossy compression is applied to encrypted material – which is impossible in case traditional ciphers should be employed. If(More)