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The higher plant Arabidopsis thaliana (Arabidopsis) is an important model for identifying plant genes and determining their function. To assist biological investigations and to define chromosome structure, a coordinated effort to sequence the Arabidopsis genome was initiated in late 1996. Here we report one of the first milestones of this project, the(More)
We present novel methods for estimating spontaneously expressed emotions in speech. Three continuous-valued emotion primitives are used to describe emotions, namely valence, activation, and dominance. For the estimation of these primitives, support vector machines (SVMs) are used in their application for regression (support vector regression, SVR). Feature(More)
In this paper, we present novel methods for estimating spontaneously expressed emotions using audio-visual information. Emotions are described with three continuous-valued emotion primitives, namely valence, activation, and dominance in a 3D emotion space. We used prosodic and spectral features to represent the audio characteristics of the emotional speech.(More)
BACKGROUND Renal dysfunction as a risk factor with the use of left ventricular assist devices (LVAD) is controversial. We determined the effect of renal function on outcomes after continuous flow LVAD implantation. METHODS Eighty-six patients with advanced heart failure undergoing continuous flow LVAD implantation as bridge to transplantation from(More)
The multifunctional Ca(2+)/calmodulin-dependent protein kinase II (CaMKII) targets a number of Ca(2+) homeostatic proteins and regulates gene transcription. Many of the substrates phosphorylated by CaMKII are also substrates for protein kinase A (PKA), the best known downstream effector of beta-adrenergic receptor (beta-AR) signaling. While PKA and CaMKII(More)
BACKGROUND Acute right ventricular failure after heart transplantation is a life-threatening condition, and sometimes the use of mechanical circulatory support is inevitable. The aim of this retrospective study was to investigate the effectiveness of two different mechanical circulatory support systems for this indication. METHODS From 1984 to 2003, 28(More)
Emotion primitive descriptions are an important alternative to classical emotion categories for describing a human's affective expressions. We build a multi-dimensional emotion space composed of the emotion primitives of valence, activation, and dominance. In this study, an image-based, text-free evaluation system is presented that provides intuitive(More)
The energy consumption of six thoracic paraplegic persons ambulating in the reciprocating gait orthosis (RGO) with and without functional electric stimulation (FES) of their thigh muscles was determined as a function of walking speed. Plots of Kcal/kg-min and Kcal/kg-m vs walking speed in the RGO and RGO & FES were experimentally determined in this study(More)
AIMS Phosphatase inhibitor-1 (I-1) is a conditional amplifier of beta-adrenergic signalling downstream of protein kinase A by inhibiting type-1 phosphatases only in its PKA-phosphorylated form. I-1 is downregulated in failing hearts and thus contributes to beta-adrenergic desensitization. It is unclear whether this should be viewed as a predominantly(More)