Michael Grimes

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Diagnosticians recognize three subtypes of attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) if there are developmentally inappropriate levels (six or more symptoms) of Hyperactive-Impulsive behavior, or Inattentive behavior, or both (Combined), respectively. ADHD may partly reflect androgen dysfunction, and an arguable proxy for prenatal androgen exposure is(More)
Establishment of lactation has important biological and emotional health consequences for the newborn. Even so, substantial variation within a culture and among different cultures is seen in the onset of breastfeeding. Parametric mixture models are used to explore this variation and to uncover general human patterns for the initiation of breastfeeding. The(More)
Hormonal changes that occur before or during parturition are known to trigger early postpartum maternal behaviors in many mammals. In humans, little evidence has been found for hormonal mediation of early postpartum maternal behavior. In this paper, we investigate associations between fetoplacental hormone concentrations in late pregnancy on the time from(More)
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