Michael Grigoriev

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We report a novel type of x-ray interferometer employing a bilens system consisting of two parallel compound refractive lenses, each of which creates a diffraction limited beam under coherent illumination. By closely overlapping such coherent beams, an interference field with a fringe spacing ranging from tens of nanometers to tens of micrometers is(More)
The rates of subsea permafrost degradation and occurrence of gas-migration pathways are key factors controlling the East Siberian Arctic Shelf (ESAS) methane (CH4) emissions, yet these factors still require assessment. It is thought that after inundation, permafrost-degradation rates would decrease over time and submerged thaw-lake taliks would freeze;(More)
A single-bounce capillary with an ellipsoidal shape has been used for two-step focusing in combination with a Fresnel zone plate (FZP). The FZP serves as a first microfocusing element and produces a demagnified micrometer image of the source, before the elliptical capillary makes a last final compression of the beam. With 15 keV X-rays from the European(More)
A two-step focusing set-up combining a Fresnel zone plate with an ellipsoidal capillary is presented. It is shown that, in addition to the anticipated gain in flux, the employment of the prefocusing micro-optic makes optimal use of the elliptical shape of the capillary by almost eliminating aberrations. A small cross section of the prefocused beam allows a(More)
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