Michael Graber

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Vasoactive intestinal peptide (VIP) expression was studied during rat brain development using in situ hybridization histochemistry with a 48mer, S35-ATP-labeled probe. First expression of VIP was found in the lateral thalamus at E17, in a region later recognized as the reticular nucleus. At E19, VIP mRNA was also found in the hypothalamus, especially the(More)
Motor functions are often guided by sensory experience, most convincingly illustrated by complex learned behaviors. Key to sensory guidance in motor areas may be the structural and functional organization of sensory inputs and their evoked responses. We study sensory responses in large populations of neurons and neuron-assistive cells in the songbird motor(More)
We analyse optimal saving of risk-averse households when labour income stochastically jumps between two states. The generalized Keynes-Ramsey rule includes a precautionary savings term. A phase diagram analysis illustrates consumption and wealth dynamics within and between states. There is an endogenous lower and upper limit for wealth. We derive the(More)
BACKGROUND Paraplegia following spinal cord ischemia represents a devastating complication of both aortic surgery and endovascular aortic repair. Shock wave treatment was shown to induce angiogenesis and regeneration in ischemic tissue by modulation of early inflammatory response via Toll-like receptor (TLR) 3 signaling. In preclinical and clinical studies,(More)
A driven, busy 50-year-old executive turned me into a werewolf. A renowned product designer poked one of my friends. I lost a movie-trivia quiz to the former CEO of a global marketing holding company. Welcome to the business side of Facebook—where a little play releases stress, where thought leaders plug into industry-wide forums, and where deepening client(More)
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