Michael Grözinger

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STUDY OBJECTIVES The effects of REM sleep and slow wave sleep (SWS) deprivation on sleep-dependent motor and declarative memory consolidation. DESIGN Randomized, within-subject, cross-over study. SETTING Weekly (women: monthly) sleep laboratory visits, with retest 60 hours later. PARTICIPANTS Twelve healthy subjects (6 men) aged between 20 and 30(More)
INTRODUCTION Melperone, a butyrophenone neuroleptic, is frequently used for its sleep-inducing properties. Despite its common use for more than 30 years, it is not yet characterized regarding its effects on cytochrome P450 s (CYPs). In an open pilot study, effects of melperone on the steady-state blood levels of venlafaxine, a recently introduced serotonin-(More)
The benefit of sleep in general for memory consolidation is well known. The relevance of sleep characteristics and the influence of hormones are not well studied. We explored the effects of a nap on memory consolidation of motor (finger-tapping-task) and verbal (associated-word-pairs) tasks in following settings: A: young, healthy males and females during(More)
The aim of the present paper was to perform a single trial analysis of event-related potentials in order to elucidate the mechanisms behind a reduced P300 amplitude occurring in unmedicated depressives (n = 11) and schizophrenics (n = 18). For this purpose, tools from linear system theory were applied to single trials in an oddball paradigm. This analysis(More)
BACKGROUND Fluvoxamine, a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor, is known to elevate melatonin serum concentrations. It has not been clear whether these effects might be attributed to an increased melatonin production or to an decreased elimination of melatonin. The latter hypothesis was tested by this study. METHODS Five healthy male volunteers (one(More)
The aim of the present paper was to introduce a single trial analysis to event-related potential measurement in order to illuminate the mechanisms behind an impaired P300 amplitude occurring under certain experimental conditions. For this purpose we applied tools from linear system theory and signal detection theory to single trials in an oddball paradigm(More)
BACKGROUND In a single-blind placebo-controlled study design we investigated the efficacy of acupuncture additionally applied to drug treatment in major depression. METHODS We randomly included 70 inpatients with a major depressive episode in three different treatment groups: verum acupuncture, placebo acupuncture and a control group. All three groups(More)
Modafinil is a psychostimulant compound that is just now becoming available in many countries for treatment of narcoleptic and hypersomnic patients. Whereas sleep attacks and drowsiness can be effectively improved, the drug does not sufficiently reduce cataplectic seizures. It therefore is often used in combination with tricyclic antidepressant medication,(More)
OBJECTIVES The aim of the study was to document the present situation of electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) in Germany, compare its handling with regard to other industrialized countries and with regard to a survey 12 years ago. METHODS A questionnaire on the frequency and type of administration of ECT in 2008 was sent electronically to 423 psychiatric(More)
Former exploratory investigations of sleep alterations due to global system for mobile communications (GSM) signals have shown a hypnotic and REM-suppressive effect under field exposure. This effect was observed in a first study using a power flux density of 0.5 W/m(2), and the same trend occurred in a second study with a power flux density of 0.2 W/m(2).(More)