Michael Gordon

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JESP is a tool for statically examining the usage of user thrown exceptions in Java source code. Reported here are the first findings over a dataset of 31 publicly available Java codes, including the JavaSpecs. Of greatest interest to compiler writers are the findings that most Java exceptions are thrown across method boundaries, trys and catches occur in(More)
Streaming programs represent an increasingly important and widespread class of applications that holds unprecedented opportunities for high-impact compiler technology. Unlike sequential programs with obscured dependence information and complex communication patterns, a stream program is naturally written as a set of concurrent filters with regular(More)
  • Matthew Ian Frank, Jason Asanovic, David Miller, Atul Wentzlaf, Emmett Adya, Scott Witchel +40 others
  • 1996
A computer can never be too fast or too cheap. Computer systems pervade nearly every aspect of science, engineering, communications and commerce because they perform certain tasks at rates unachievable by any other kind of system built by humans. A computer sys-tem's throughput, however, is constrained by that sys-tem's ability to find concurrency. Given a(More)
S0 j The author hereby grants to MIT permission to reproduce and to distribute publicly paper and electronic copies of this thesis document in whole or in part in any medium now known or hereafter created. Abstract The increasing prominence of energy consumption as a first-order concern in contemporary computing systems has motivated the design of(More)
Applications that are structured around some notion of a " stream " are increasingly prevalent to common computing practices, and there is evidence that streaming media applications already consume a substantial fraction of the computation cycles on consumer machines [6]. Furthermore, stream processing—of voice and video data—is central to a plethora of(More)
StreamIt [28] is a high-level programming language intended for the development of large-scale and high-performance streaming applications that are characterized by the processing of data streams by modular structures. The StreamIt Development Tool (SDT) [25] is designed to aid the coding and simultaneous code-and graph-based debugging and visualizing of(More)
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