Michael Golomb

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Under conditions unfavorable to growth, the nematode Caenorhabditis elegans enters a developmentally arrested stage, the dauer larva. We have examined gene expression in the dauer larva and during recovery from the dauer stage. Run-on transcription assays with isolated nuclei reveal a depression of general RNA polymerase II transcription to 11-17% of that(More)
OBJECTIVE The aim of this study was to assess gender differences in personality disorders. Since heterogeneity of axis I diagnoses could introduce variability in the assessment of axis II diagnoses, the authors studied a group of patients with a primary diagnosis of major depression. METHOD A total of 316 patients were evaluated with the Personality(More)
The efficacy and the mechanisms of action of two behavioral treatments for essential hypertension were compared: cognitive group therapy for anger control and biofeedback for heart rate control. The cognitive therapy aimed at lowering the "general anger" level and helping overt expression of "anger out;" heart rate biofeedback aimed at slowing heart rate in(More)
Fragments of a psychotherapy of an Arab patient by a Jewish psychotherapist in Israel, during an exacerbation of a historical political conflict, are presented. In addition to the delineated characteristic difficulties embedded in a cross-cultural/ethnic/national psychotherapy, an Arab-Jewish dyad evokes a complicated interaction between external political(More)