Michael Golembewski

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A study of an interactive artwork shows how artists engaged the public with scientific climate change data. The artwork visualised live environmental data collected from remote trees, alongside both historical and forecast global CO<sub>2</sub> data. Visitors also took part in a mobile sensing experience in a nearby forest. Our study draws on the(More)
<i>Ideation Decks</i> is a project that explores the development of a methodological tool for design ideation It involves the creation and use of bespoke project-specific card based systems which help to define constrained design problems within a broader overall problem space. Use of this system is intended to support the practice of parallel design by(More)
We explore the ethical implications of HCI's turn to the &#8216;cultural&#8217;. This is motivated by an awareness of how cultural applications, in our case interactive performances, raise ethical issues that may challenge established research ethics processes. We review research ethics, HCI's engagement with ethics and the ethics of theatrical performance.(More)
Self-control resources can be defined in terms of "energy." Repeated attempts to override desires and impulses can result in a state of reduced self-control energy termed "ego depletion" leading to a reduced capacity to regulate future self-control behaviors effectively. Regular practice or "training" on self-control tasks may improve an individual's(More)
The regulatory climate is in a process of change. Design, having been implicated for some time, is now explicitly linked to law. This paper recognises the heightened role of designers in the regulation of ambient interactive technologies. Taking account of incumbent legal requirements is difficult. Legal rules are convoluted, uncertain, and not geared(More)
This paper describes a creative process in which findings from a set of empirical studies were used to inspire and inform a novel design space populated with conceptual designs. Our subject of inquiry was the theme park, and we were particularly interested in exploring souvenir creation and consumption as part of the visitor experience. In presenting a rich(More)
IoT applications that act on behalf of people are becoming reality. In this workshop we explore the opportunities and challenges that arise when these proactive technologies become increasingly embedded in our world and carried on our bodies, particularly when converging with the emerging 'sharing economy' paradigm. IoT sensors enable new sharing economy(More)
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