Michael Goldapp

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BACKGROUND Health care network eHealth.Braunschweig has been started in the South-East region of Lower Saxony in Germany in 2009. It composes major health care players, participants from research institutions and important local industry partners. OBJECTIVES The objective of this paper is firstly to describe the relevant regional characteristics and(More)
Numerous eHealth projects and efforts to establish inter-organizational communication and to build up regional health care networks could be observed in the last ten years. Nevertheless the success of such efforts is profoundly different. The aim of this paper is to introduce the lately started regional initiative eHealth.Braunschweig compounding of the(More)
Algorithms to convert surfaces IO scan-tines are used in many colour graphics applications. Fast methods are needed in real-time simulators and computerised film making. Thgs paper discusses vectorisation of common algorithms, and describes a new method for polygons that allows almost total vectorisation and affords considerably faster execution speeds even(More)
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