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— A Collaborative Ocean Observatory Portal (COOP) has been developed to enable distributed investigators to collaboratively operate ocean observatory systems. COOP is being created within the Autonomous Ocean Sampling Network program to support the Adaptive Sampling and Prediction (ASAP) field experiment that occurred in Monterey Bay in the summer of 2006.(More)
— Most existing propeller-driven, cruising AUVs operate with a support ship and have an endurance of about one day. However, many oceanographic processes evolve over days or weeks, requiring propeller-driven vehicles be attended by a ship for complete observation programs. The Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute (MBARI) developed the 105 kg(More)
We have designed, built, tested and fielded a decision support system which provides a platform for situational awareness, planning, observation, archiving and data analysis. While still in development, our inter-disciplinary team of computer scientists, engineers, biologists and oceanographers has made extensive use of our system in at-sea experiments(More)
In this thesis, the requirements of a system for determining residual stresses in large objects using neutron diffraction are defined. The mathematics of determining stresses in polycrys-talline materials with neutron diffraction are explored, and the process of design modeling and optimization is discussed. Using these optimization routines, a small,(More)
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