Michael Godes

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Myocardial remodeling is an adaptive response of the myocardium to several forms of stress culminating in cardiac fibrosis, left ventricular dilation, and loss of contractility. The remodeling processes of the extracellular matrix are controlled by matrix metalloproteinases, which are in turn regulated by growth factors and inflammatory cytokines. The(More)
INTRODUCTION Maternal body mass index has an impact on maternal and fetal pregnancy outcome. An increased maternal BMI is known to be associated with admission of the newborn to a neonatal care unit. The reasons and impact of this admission on fetal outcome, however, are unknown so far. OBJECTIVE The aim of our study was to investigate the impact of(More)
Active transport of NaCl across thick ascending limb (TAL) epithelium is accomplished by Na(+),K(+),2Cl(-) cotransporter (NKCC2). The activity of NKCC2 is determined by vasopressin (AVP) or intracellular chloride concentration and includes its amino-terminal phosphorylation. Co-expressed Tamm-Horsfall protein (THP) has been proposed to interact with NKCC2.(More)
OBJECTIVES The effects of AT1 receptor blocker, telmisartan, and the ACE inhibitor, ramipril, were tested head-to head and in combination on stroke prevention in hypertensive rats and on potential neuroprotection in acute cerebral ischemia in normotensive rats. METHODS Prevention study: Stroke-prone spontaneously hypertensive rats (SHR-SP) were subjected(More)
BACKGROUND Although endothelin I (ET-1) is a very potent vasoconstrictor, ET-1 transgenic (ET-1 tg) mice are not hypertensive. This might be due to higher bioavailability of nitric oxide (NO) in ET-1 tg, which counteracts the effect of vasoconstrictors. We hypothesized lower angiotensin II (Ang II) sensitivity of afferent arterioles in ET-1 tg. METHODS(More)
INTRODUCTION Activation of the endothelin (ET) system promotes inflammation and fibrosis in various tissues including the kidney. Male ET-1 transgenic mice are characterized by chronic kidney inflammation and renal scarring. We hypothesized that this renal phenotype might be modulated by androgens. Thus the aim of our study was to elucidate the impact of(More)
The central nervous and immune systems share a number of common properties, e.g. neurotransmitter receptors. In contrast to age matched healthy and/or hypertensive controls, the total lymphocyte count in 25 carefully diagnosed and staged patients with primary degenerative dementia were significantly reduced and also correlated with the severity of their(More)
The authors analyzed the dexamethasone suppression test (DST) results of 54 patients with major depressive disorder in relation to their pre-DST levels of cholesterol, sodium, potassium, and blood glucose, which are thought to have adrenocorticotrophic links. Discriminant analysis revealed that sodium alone was a significant predictor of nonsuppression.(More)
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