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Several papers, have recently claimed that garbage collection can be performed on untagged data in the presence of ML-style type polymorphism. They rely on the ability to reconstruct the type of any reachable object during garbage collection. The bad news is that this is false—there can be reachable objects in the program whose type cannot be(More)
Durable, robust architectures are of crucial importance for the competitiveness of companies like Siemens. The System Architecture Analysis (SAA) method enables the development of system architectures with a long lifetime. SAA pursues a comprehensive approach to optimizing architectures which takes into account market strategy as well as technological(More)
To assure superiority in today's competitive market it is essential to emphasize customer orientation. The System Architecture Analysis (SAA) method integrates structured elements from Quality Function Deployment (QFD) and the Design Space Approach to develop a procedure for customizing software architectures to meet customer and market requirements. The(More)
In forensic examination of illicit heroin samples high-resolution capillary gas chromatography is compared with gas chromatography with packed columns. Separation efficiency, reproducibility of qualitative and quantitative determinations and stability of the columns are examined. A practical method with silylation of the samples is presented which allows(More)
A strain ofArthrobacter oxydans is described which degradesl-,DL-, andd-nicotine, forming “nicotine blue”. Under specified growth conditions this pigment is deposited as brillant green crystals in the center of colonies on agar. Some properties of the isolated crystalline nicotine blue are described. Es wird einArthrobacter oxydans beschrieben, derl-,DL-(More)
Im Rahmen der Hirntoddiagnostik werden regelmäßig toxikologische Untersuchungen zum Ausschluss therapeutischer Serumkonzentrationen nach Applikation zentral dämpfender Medikamente durchgeführt. Zu Propofol und Sufentanil fehlen einheitliche Empfehlungen zur Einordnung toxikologischer Befunde. Es soll ein Standardvorgehen in der Hirntoddiagnostik nach(More)