Michael Glavanovics

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Cycle life testing of smart power switches requires significant hardware effort to provide the required ohmic-inductive load patterns. A new reliability test system for research purposes is therefore introduced that generates arbitrary current waveforms to emulate inductive switching behavior. This allows flexible cycle stress testing of integrated power(More)
This paper presents a method for the compact modeling, simulation and experimental verification of digital protection functions of smart power switches consisting of a digital controller and a power MOSFET with analog driving circuitry. We focus on short circuit events in an automotive environment where high power dissipation and thermal stress severely(More)
We present the design of a cycle test system for automated stress testing of smart power switches under automotive load short circuit conditions up to 250A / 50V. A fast overcurrent detection and shutdown strategy protects the test equipment from damage. Device degradation and failure data are recorded individually for statistical analysis of(More)
Cyclic stress tests for smart power switches require a significant effort in test resources, particularly in test time, to provide statistically valid life time data. To address this issue we present a novel accelerated pulse stress test method to speed up the qualification process of smart power switches. A closed loop repetition rate controller employing(More)