Michael Giudici

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OBJECTIVES This study was conducted to assess the safety and effectiveness of cardiac resynchronization therapy (CRT) when combined with an implantable cardioverter defibrillator (ICD). BACKGROUND Long-term outcome of CRT was measured in patients with symptomatic heart failure (HF), intraventricular conduction delay, and malignant ventricular(More)
Background: The Ablate and Pace Trial (APT) prospectively assessed the effects of catheter ablation of the AV conduction system and permanent pacemaker implantation on health-related quality of life, survival, exercise capacity, and ventricular function in 156 patients with symptomatic atrial fibrillation. Methods: All patients referred for catheter(More)
INTRODUCTION Atrial pacing locations that decrease atrial activation and recovery time may be preferable in patients with a history of atrial arrhythmias. This multicenter prospective randomized study compared the efficacy of Bachmann's bundle (BB) region pacing to right atrial appendage (RAA) pacing in patients with recurrent paroxysmal atrial fibrillation(More)
Cardiac output was measured in 89 patients using transthoracic continuous-wave echo Doppler comparing right ventricular outflow tract pacing with the right ventricular apex at the time of permanent pacemaker implantation. Overall, cardiac output improved 18.8% (p <0.0001) and cardiac index 21.0% (p <0.0001) with outflow tract placement; patients with a(More)
Amigo™ (Catheter Robotics, Inc., Mount Olive, NJ) remote catheter system (RCS) was designed to provide a simple and relatively inexpensive system for remote catheter manipulation. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the performance and safety of Amigo in mapping the right side of the heart. This non-randomized, prospective clinical trial was conducted(More)
Multisite pacing for the treatment of heart failure has added a new dimension to the electrocardiographic evaluation of device function. During left ventricular (LV) pacing from the appropriate site in the coronary venous system, a correctly positioned lead V1 registers a right bundle branch block pattern with few exceptions. During biventricular(More)
A homogeneous factorisation of a graph is a partition of its arc set such that there exist vertex transitive subgroups M < G 6 Aut(Γ) with M fixing each part of the partition setwise and G preserving the partition and transitively permuting the parts. In this paper we study homogeneous factorisations of complete multipartite graphs such that M acts(More)
Let G be a group and S a non-empty subset of G. If ab / ∈ S for any a, b ∈ S, then S is called sum-free. We show that if S is maximal by inclusion and no proper subset generates 〈S〉 then |S| ≤ 2. We determine all groups with a maximal (by inclusion) sum-free set of size at most 2 and all of size 3 where there exists a ∈ S such that a / ∈ 〈S \ {a}〉.
Serial electrocardiograms were obtained on 93 healthy ASA physical status I and II term parturients during nonemergent cesarean delivery under regional anesthesia. Electrocardiographic changes occurred in 44 of the 93 patients (47.3%); in 35 of these 44 patients, the changes were characteristic, or suggestive, of myocardial ischemia. Symptoms of chest pain,(More)