Michael Gilfix

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In an ideal world, the system administrator would simply specify a complete model of system requirements and the system would automatically fulfill them. If requirements changed, or if the system deviated from requirements, the system would change itself to converge with requirements. Current specialized tools for convergent system administration already(More)
Electronic fetal monitoring (EFM) has been criticized as ineffective, unsafe and costly. Despite existing controversy regarding the risks involved in using EFM, this monitoring procedure continues to be widely employed. In many jurisdictions, in fact, the use of EFM during labor may be considered the customary practice. This Article analyzes the medical and(More)
For many years physicians, ethicists and members of the legal community have attempted to minimize ambiguity and unpredictability in making decisions to withhold or withdraw extraordinary life support. Recent developments in national and California law now afford medical care providers unparalleled protection from criminal and civil liability in surrogate(More)
Maintaining the integrity of large-scale networks is becoming an increasingly daunting task as networks expand at an unprecedented rate. The majority of present network monitoring and maintenance tools require a substantial investment in human resources to sift through vast quantities of information, to detect problems, and manually resolve them. Computer(More)
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