Michael Gilboa

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Two different stages should be considered in the management of bee and wasp stings to the eye. The first is the acute stage of activity of the specific insect venom on the structures the eye. The reaction of the eye to the particular insult is considered here in regard to the anterior and posterior segments of the eye. The second stage is that of the(More)
This report describes the clinical and radiologic findings of a child who was stabbed with a pencil tip in his right upper eyelid, in what initially appeared to be an innocuous injury. The child presented again 3 weeks later with a combined orbital and frontal lobe brain abscess. The mechanism of injury is discussed, the orbital and neuro-surgical(More)
PURPOSE To present our experience with external dacryocystorhinostomy (DCR) outcome and to compare cases of early and late DCR. METHODS Retrospective data review of all patients who had external DCR with silicone intubation in a 7-year period. Data were collected and analyzed concerning patients' preoperative and postoperative symptoms, and the lacrimal(More)
We report the clinical and radiographic findings of a female patient who presented to the emergency room in acute distress due to a subluxated globe. The patient had a 10 year history of poorly controlled Grave's disease and associated orbitopathy. In the past, one previous report dealt with this rare phenomenon in association with Grave's disease and(More)
PURPOSE Epiphora due to canalicular stenosis is a recently described side effect of weekly docetaxel. We prospectively evaluated the incidence of this complication and other ocular manifestations in patients treated at our medical center. PATIENTS AND METHODS Twenty-one consecutive patients (breast cancer: 14; metastatic non-small cell lung cancer: 6;(More)
The authors present the clinical picture, histopathologic findings and surgical treatment of an infant born with a lipoblastoma involving an unusual combined orbito-nasal location. To the best of our knowledge, this is the first report of congenital lipoblastoma extension from orbit to the nasal cavity. Transconjunctival orbitotomy with excisional biopsy of(More)
BACKGROUND Essential blepharospasm is a progressive disease of unknown etiology causing a significant decline in the quality of life of patients suffering from the disease. Currently used treatment for this condition is repeated injections of Botulinum toxin. Some of the patients' therapeutic response to Botox injections is insufficient, and some develop(More)
The first Scandinavian cases of Zellweger syndrome (ZS) are described. A brother and sister, children of first cousins, had the typical clinical symptoms and pathological findings. Extensive metabolic studies in the boy were negative. Pipecolic acid in the urine was not elevated. Both children died at 14 weeks of age. Two months earlier the girl had(More)