Michael Gerding

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A novel approach for a high-precision multitarget time-domain reflectometry (TDR) level measurement system is presented with a greatly improved performance. It fulfills the growing needs of today's industrial level measurement applications. Starting with the well-known concept of the TDR, a novel concept for frequency stabilization and pulse generation lead(More)
Measurement equipment for process control in the chemical industry has to face severe restrictions due to safety concerns and regulations. In this work, we discuss the challenges raised by safety concerns and explain how they lead to strong power and energy constraints in the design of industrial measurement equipment. We argue that a comprehensive strategy(More)
Distance measurements in overmoded waveguides are an important application for industrial radar systems. The accuracy of the measurements is deteriorated by the appearance of higher order modes in the metal tube, although the frequency-modulated continuous-wave method is used with a large bandwidth. This paper describes the problems caused by dispersion and(More)
At the Leibniz-Institute of Atmospheric Physics in Kühlungsborn (54N, 12E) we have developed a daytime capable Rayleigh-Mie-Raman (RMR) lidar for the mesosphere. Temperature soundings are feasible up to approximately 75 km during the day and up to 90 km during the night. Furthermore, measurements are performed at high solar elevation angles of up to ∼60. In(More)
The relevance of water vapour in atmospheric physics and climate research contrasts strongly with the availability of humidity data in the Arctic. The most extensive humidity data set is based on approx. 80 radiosonde stations north of 60°N, but suffers from two major problems: Sensor diversity and sensor limitations under Arctic conditions, on the one(More)
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