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In an all-IP-based network architecture that provides multimedia services for 3G and WLAN users, security provisioning is a paramount requirement. However, a security infrastructure (e.g., AAA) introduces additional impairments, in the form of delay components, to the total handoff performance crucially affecting the prime objective towards seamless and(More)
This paper presents a proposition for information centric networking (ICN) that lies outside the typical trajectory of aiming for a wholesale replacement of IP as the internetworking layer of the Internet. Instead, we propose that a careful exploitation of key ICN benefits, expanding previously funded ICN efforts, will enable individual operators to improve(More)
An ignored region of the visual field might be monitored by an intermittent full visual analysis or by a more continuous but restricted analysis. We investigated which type of process is more likely in early vision by studying the effects of diverting attention on adaptation to a range of spatial (0.5, 2, 4. and 6 c/deg) and temporal (1.5 and 10 Hz)(More)
The spatial spread of attentional modulation of selective adaptation was investigated in four experiments in which the duration of the movement aftereffect (MAE) was measured with and without processing of intermittently changing digits at the fixation point. In the first experiment, the effects of diverting attention on MAE duration were found to reduce as(More)
The effects of diverting attention on early motion processing in human vision were studied with a selective adaptation technique. The velocity of motion after-effects (MAEs) produced on a stationary test grating after prolonged exposure to drifting luminance-modulated gratings was measured by matching MAE velocity with that of another physically moving(More)
The all-IP based architecture for 3G networks and beyond will rely on a number of different access technologies, working seamlessly to support numerous services and applications. Security provisioning is an essential requirement in any such all-embracing network but this introduces an additional delay component to the total handoff delay crucially affecting(More)
The effect of varying the spatial relationships between an adapt/test grating and a stationary surrounding reference grating, and their interaction with diversion of attention during adaptation, were investigated in two experiments on the movement aftereffect (MAE). In experiment 1, MAEs were found to increase as the separation between the surrounding(More)
– Allowing a user to remain connected to the network whilst on the move is becoming a common requirement for any new communication system. The EU project Ambient Networks, therefore, considers mobility requirements and techniques in some depth. Two key ideas have been developed: the handover toolbox which contains and manages a variety of mobility(More)