Michael Georgiades

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This article presents a multilayer mobility management scheme for All-IP networks where local mobility movements (micro-mobility) are handled separately from global movements (macro-mobility). Furthermore, a hybrid scheme is proposed to handle macro-mobility (Mobile IP for non-real-time services and SIP for real-time services). The interworking between(More)
This paper presents a proposition for information centric networking (ICN) that lies outside the typical trajectory of aiming for a wholesale replacement of IP as the internetworking layer of the Internet. Instead, we propose that a careful exploitation of key ICN benefits, expanding previously funded ICN efforts, will enable individual operators to improve(More)
The all-IP based architecture for 3G networks and beyond will rely on a number of different access technologies, working seamlessly to support numerous services and applications. Security provisioning is an essential requirement in any such all-embracing network but this introduces an additional delay component to the total handoff delay crucially affecting(More)
Page 1 (9) Abstract—New security considerations arise if context transfer is to be employed in the Ambient Network architecture. In this paper we investigate, new security requirements and considerations for context transfer in Ambient Networks, the transfer of security state information, the provisioning of security support of session mobility using(More)
The current device-centric protection model against security threats has serious limitations. On the one hand, the proliferation of user terminals such as smart-phones, tablets, notebooks, smart TVs, game consoles and desktop computers makes it extremely difficult to achieve the same level of protection regardless of the device used. On the other hand, when(More)
Although cloud computing and the Software Defined Network (SDN) framework are fundamentally changing the way we think about network services, multi-domain and multi-technology problems are not sufficiently investigated. These multi-domain, end-to-end problems concern communication paths that span from the wireless access and the wireless backhaul networks(More)
In an all-IP-based network architecture that provides multimedia services for 3G and WLAN users, security provisioning is a paramount requirement. However, a security infrastructure (e.g., AAA) introduces additional impairments, in the form of delay components, to the total handoff performance crucially affecting the prime objective towards seamless and(More)
System Architecture Evolution (SAE) is one of the key challenges for the Long Term Evolution(LTE) of 3G research, charted by 3GPP, aiming to develop a new core network for improving the IP based packet-switched network performance. This paper considers different mobility management schemes for different SAE core network architectural options proposed in(More)