Michael Genovese

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Public opinion polls show consistently that a substantial portion of the American public would vote for a qualified female presidential candidate. Because of the controversial nature of such questions, however, the responses may suffer from social desirability effects. In other words, respondents may be purposely giving false answers as not to violate(More)
The rise of digital music has led to a parallel rise in the need to manage music collections of several thousands of songs on a single device. Manual selection of songs for a music listening experience is a cumbersome task. In this paper, we present an initial exploration of the feasibility of using song signal properties and user context information to(More)
Audio signal properties can provide a media player with highly descriptive feature sets in order to intelligently select similar songs for a music stream. A well-known problem among researchers in music information retrieval, however, is that extracting signal properties requires a significant amount of computational resources, thus making it impractical(More)
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