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A Full-Orbed Christianity: The Protestant Churches and Social Welfare in Canada, 1900-1940
Christie and Gauvreau look at the ways in which reformers expanded the churches' popular base through mass revivalism, established social work and sociology in Canadian universities and churchExpand
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Christian Churches and Their Peoples, 1840-1965: A Social History of Religion in Canada
Acknowledgments Introduction Chapter One: The Religious Cultures of Discipline And Dissidence in Colonial Society Chapter Two: Machinery of Salvation: The Making of a Civic Christianity ChapterExpand
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Modalities of Social Authority: Suggesting an Interface for Religious and Social History
The dominant approaches in Canadian social history have focused, for the most part, upon categories of region, class formation, and women’s experience (more recently informed by theories of gender).Expand
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The Evangelical Century: College and Creed in English Canada from the Great Revival to the Great Depression
Gauvreau explores the persistence and development of the evangelical creed as the intellectual expression of Protestant religion which largely defined English-Canadian culture in the VictorianExpand
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From Rechristianization to Contestation: Catholic Values and Quebec Society, 1931–1970
Speaking before the Commission d'étude sur les laics et l'Église (Commission Dumont) in 1970, Jean-Paul Gignac articulated the feelings of many when he stated that although the church had greatlyExpand
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The Maternal Body: Pregnancy, Child-Rearing and Birth Control
This chapter focuses upon Gwyneth’s experience of pregnancy and childbirth, to show how she continued to view herself, and later her child, in distinctly sexualized terms, indicating a conversanceExpand