Michael Gasteier

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We present an approach to automatic generation of communication topologies on system-level. Given a set of processes communicating via abstract send and receive functions and detailed information about the communication requirements of each process, we first perform a clustering of data transfers. This results in groups of transfers suited to share a common(More)
One of the key problems in hardware/software co-design is communication synthesis which determines the amount and type of interconnect between the hardware components of a digital system. To do so, communication synthesis derives a communication topology to determine which components are to be connected to a common communication channel in the final(More)
The most c ommon prac tic e to model the transistor c hain, as it appears in CMOS gates, is to c ollapse it to a single equivalent transistor. This method is analyzed and improvements are presented in this paper. Inherent shortc omings are removed and an effec tive transistor width is c alc ulated taking into ac c ount the operating c onditions of the struc(More)
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