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The objectives of this pilot study were to investigate the effectiveness of Irlen filters for improving comfort and reading performance and to determine whether traditional optometric intervention would be effective in relieving the symptoms commonly reported by people seeking help through the use of Irlen filters. Thirty subjects were included in the(More)
PURPOSE To evaluate the kinetics of change in symptoms and signs of convergence insufficiency (CI) during 12 weeks of treatment with commonly prescribed vision therapy/orthoptic treatment regimens. METHODS In a randomized clinical trial, 221 children aged 9 to 17 years with symptomatic CI were assigned to home-based pencil push-ups (HBPP), home-based(More)
PURPOSE To report the effectiveness of various forms of vision therapy/orthoptics in improving accommodative amplitude and facility in children with symptomatic convergence insufficiency (CI) and co-existing accommodative dysfunction. METHODS In a randomized clinical trial, 221 children aged 9 to 17 years with symptomatic CI were assigned to one of four(More)
Biofeedback training of accommodation was performed with nine subjects using the Accommotrac Vision Trainer to attempt to improve visual acuity (VA) and reduce myopia. A single-subject research design was used. Improvements in VA were seen with some subjects, but it is not clear whether the improvements were due to the biofeedback training alone, or to a(More)
Seven different types of protective sports eyewear were tested to determine whether peripheral awareness as measured with a visual performance task were affected. Goldmann perimetry and the Wayne Saccadic Fixator with Stik-Up attachments were utilized in a repeated measures research design. The sports glasses did restrict visual field, but no one pair of(More)
A method is described in which work sample data were analyzed to reveal how aircraft maintenance technicians differed in troubleshooting performance after a training intervention. During the training phase of the study, approximately half the technicians received troubleshooting instruction from an intelligent tutoring system, and the remaining technicians(More)
We present a study of the mid-infrared environments and association with star formation trac-ers of 6.7 GHz methanol masers taken from the Methanol Multi-Beam (MMB) Survey. Our ultimate goal is to establish the mass of the host star and its evolutionary stage for each maser site. As a first step, the GLIMPSE survey of the Galactic Plane is utilised to(More)
Most school vision screenings test only distance visual acuity. The Modified Clinical Technique and the New York State Optometric Association (NYSOA) screening battery have been designed to provide more detailed screening, but each has drawbacks that have prevented widespread use. There is a need for a better functional school vision screening protocol that(More)
Heterotopia of the macula is a condition in which the macula is displaced markedly from its normal position. Only 40 cases have been reported in the literature. Of those cases more than 90% have occurred in patients presenting with an apparent exotropia (macula displaced temporally), a large positive angle lambda, and an actual esotropia. We report a unique(More)
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