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More Dollars than Sense: Refining Our Knowledge of Development Finance Using AidData
In this introductory essay to the special issue, we introduce a new dataset of foreign assistance, AidData, that covers more bilateral and multilateral donors and more types of aid than existingExpand
Foreign Aid Shocks as a Cause of Violent Armed Conflict Supporting Information Appendix
This document offers more detailed discussion of the analysis conducted for the article and presents the results of numerous statistical models that we examined but, due to space constraints, wereExpand
Foreign Aid Shocks as a Cause of Violent Armed Conflict
In this study we resolve part of the confusion over how foreign aid affects armed conflict. We argue that aid shocks – severe decreases in aid revenues – inadvertently shift the domestic balance ofExpand
The localized geography of foreign aid : A new dataset and application to violent armed conflict
Existing foreign aid databases – the OECD’s CRS data and now AidData – are project-based. And yet nearly all empirical analyses using these data aggregate to the country-year level, thereby losingExpand
Can Results-Free Review Reduce Publication Bias? The Results and Implications of a Pilot Study
In 2015, Comparative Political Studies embarked on a landmark pilot study in research transparency in the social sciences. The editors issued an open call for submissions of manuscripts thatExpand
Terrorism and Civil War: A Spatial and Temporal Approach to a Conceptual Problem
What is the relationship between civil war and terrorism? Most current research on these topics either explicitly or implicitly separates the two, in spite of compelling reasons to consider themExpand
Rethinking Third-Party Interventions into Civil Wars: An Actor-Centric Approach
Studies of the decision to intervene into ongoing civil wars should focus on those making the decision, not the conflict. We adopt such an “actor-centric” approach and discuss third-partyExpand
Field Experiments in Strategy Research
It is proposed that field experiments have potential to be used more widely in strategy research, leveraging methodological innovations from other disciplines to address persistent puzzles in the literature. Expand
Promise and Pitfalls of Terrorism Research
Using a database of recent articles published in prominent political science journals, we show the rapid increase in terrorism research. Given this increased awareness and attention, we identifyExpand
Can peace be purchased? A sectoral-level analysis of aid’s influence on transnational terrorism
Does foreign aid reduce terrorism? We examine whether foreign aid decreases terrorism by analyzing whether aid targeted toward certain sectors is more effective than others. We use the mostExpand