Michael G. Schmidt

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The higher derivative expansion of the one-loop effective action for an external scalar potential is calculated to order O(T 7), using the string-inspired Bern-Kosower method in the first quantized path integral formulation. Comparisons are made with standard heat kernel calculations and with the corresponding Feynman diagrammatic calculation in order to(More)
Based on the world-line formalism with a sewing method, we derive the Yang-Mills effective action in a form useful to generate the Bern-Kosower-type master formulae for gluon scattering amplitudes at the two-loop level. It is shown that four-gluon (Φ 4 type sewing) contributions can be encapsulated in the action with three-gluon (Φ 3 type) vertices only,(More)
Prior observations of phage-host systems in vitro have led to the conclusion that susceptible host cell populations must reach a critical density before phage replication can occur. Such a replication threshold density would have broad implications for the therapeutic use of phage. In this report, we demonstrate experimentally that no such replication(More)
We investigate the usefulness of the \string-inspired technique" for gauge theory calculations in a constant external eld background. Our approach is based on Strassler's worldline path integral approach to the Bern-Kosower formalism, and on the construction of worldline (super{) Green's functions incorporating external elds as well as internal propagators.(More)
We perform a systematic gradient expansion on kinetic equations and derive the CP-violating semiclassical force for fermions propagating in presence of a CP-violating wall at a first order electroweak phase transition. The force appears at order ¯ h in the flow term of kinetic equation and agrees with the semiclassical force used for baryogenesis(More)
Kupffer cells (KCs) are thought to mediate hepatocyte injury via their production of proinflammatory cytokines and reactive oxygen species in response to stress. In this study, we depleted KCs from the liver to examine their role in total warm hepatic ischemia/reperfusion (I/R) injury with bowel congestion. We injected 8-wk-old C57BL/10J mice with(More)
We propose that the radion chiral supermultiplet of five dimensional compactified super-gravity is obtained by reduction of the graviphoton gauge multiplet to N = 1 superfields in the off shell 5D superconformal gravity formalism of Fujita, Kugo and Ohashi. We present a superfield Lagrangian of Chern-Simons type (similar to global SUSY), which reproduces(More)
We present a detailed study of the reduction to 4D of 5D supergravity compactified on the S 1 / 2 orbifold. For this purpose we develop and employ a recently proposed N = 1 conformal superfield description of the 5D supergravity couplings to abelian vector and hypermultiplets. In particular, we obtain a unique relation of the " radion " to chiral(More)
Steatotic livers are sensitive to ischemic events and associated ATP depletion. Hepatocellular necrosis following these events may result from mitochondrial uncoupling protein-2 (UCP2) expression. To test this hypothesis, we developed a model of in vitro steatosis using primary hepatocytes from wild-type (WT) and UCP2 knockout (KO) mice and subjected them(More)