Michael G. Roper

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A microfluidic system was developed to produce sinusoidal waveforms of glucose to entrain oscillations of intracellular [Ca(2+)] in islets of Langerhans. The work described is an improvement to a previously reported device where two pneumatic pumps delivered pulses of glucose and buffer to a mixing channel. The mixing channel acted as a low pass filter to(More)
Insulin is released from the pancreas in pulses with a period of ~ 5 min. These oscillatory insulin levels are essential for proper liver utilization and perturbed pulsatility is observed in type 2 diabetes. What coordinates the many islets of Langerhans throughout the pancreas to produce unified oscillations of insulin secretion? One hypothesis is that(More)
Pancreatic islets secrete insulin in a pulsatile manner, and the individual islets are synchronized, producing in vivo oscillations. In this report, the ability of imposed glucose waveforms to synchronize a population of islets was investigated. A microfluidic system was used to deliver glucose waveforms to ∼20 islets while fura 2 fluorescence was imaged.(More)
Pancreatic islets manage elevations in blood glucose level by secreting insulin into the bloodstream in a pulsatile manner. Pulsatile insulin secretion is governed by islet oscillations such as bursting electrical activity and periodic Ca2+ entry in β-cells. In this report, we demonstrate that although islet oscillations are lost by fixing a glucose(More)
Glucose-stimulated insulin secretion from pancreatic β-cells within islets of Langerhans plays a critical role in maintaining glucose homeostasis. Although this process is essential for maintaining euglycemia, the underlying intracellular mechanisms that control it are still unclear. To allow simultaneous correlation between intracellular signal(More)
A microfluidic system was developed to investigate the entrainment of insulin secretion from islets of Langerhans to oscillatory glucose levels. A gravity-driven perfusion system was integrated with a microfluidic system to deliver sinusoidal glucose waveforms to the islet chamber. Automated manipulation of the height of the perfusion syringes allowed(More)
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