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Onion Routing is an infrastructure for private communication over a public network. It provides anonymous connections that are strongly resistant to both eavesdropping and traac analysis. Onion routing's anonymous connections are bidirectional and near real-time, and can be used anywhere a socket connection can be used. Any identifying information must be(More)
This paper describes an architecture, Onion Routing, that limits a network's vulnerability to traac analysis. The architecture provides anonymous socket connections by means of proxy servers. It provides real-time, bi-directional, anonymous communication for any protocol that can be adapted to use a proxy service. Speciically, the architecture provides for(More)
This paper describes security protocols that use anonymous channels as primitive, much in the way that key distribution protocols take encryption as primitive. This abstraction allows us to focus on high level anonymity goals of these protocols much as abstracting away from encryption clariies and emphasizes high level security goals of key distribution(More)
This paper describes a communications primitive, anonymous connections , that supports bidirectional and near real-time channels that are resistant to both eavesdropping and traac analysis. The connections are made anonymous, although communication need not be. These anonymous connections are versatile and support private use of many diierent Internet(More)
reserving privacy means not only hiding the content of messages, but also hiding who is talking to whom (traffic analysis). Much like a physical envelope, the simple application of cryptography within a packet-switched network hides the contents of messages being sent, but can reveal who is talking to whom, and how often. Onion Routing is a general purpose(More)
Description: The primary goal of Onion Routing is to provide private, traffic analysis resistant communications over a public network at reasonable cost and efficiency. Communications are intended to be private in the sense that both the public network itself and any eavesdropper on the network cannot determine the contents of messages flowing from Alice(More)