Michael G. Porter

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The objectives of the present study were to examine relationships between methane (CH4) output and animal and dietary factors, and to use these relationships to develop prediction equations for CH4 emission from beef cattle. The dataset was obtained from 108 growing-to-finishing beef steers in five studies and CH4 production and energy metabolism data were(More)
The data set used in the present study was obtained from 20 energy metabolism studies involving 579 lactating dairy cows (511 Holstein-Friesian, 36 Norwegian Red, and 32 Jersey-Holstein crossbreds) varying in genetic merit, lactation number, stage of lactation, and live weight. These cows were offered diets based on grass silage (n=550) or fresh grass(More)
BACKGROUND This study was undertaken to determine if thoracic epidural analgesia is of practical benefit after bowel resection. METHODS Patients were prospectively randomized to receive either a thoracic epidural or patient-controlled analgesia for pain control after bowel resection. A standardized postoperative protocol was instituted after surgery. (More)
Six lactating dairy cows were used in a three period, part balanced changeover design experiment to investigate the effects of forage digestibility and concentrate composition on the efficiency of nutrient utilization in lactating dairy cows. Six treatments comprising three forage regimens and two concentrate types (starch v. fibre) were examined in a 3 x 2(More)
Hygroma renalis is an unusual benign tumor of the kidney. Only 24 cases have been reported previously in the world literature; 22 of these patients underwent nephrectomy. Two sisters, with the first known occurrence in siblings, are discussed and the world literature is reviewed. Our first patient underwent nephrectomy for complications of hygroma in the(More)