Michael G. McKenna

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This workshop will explore the cultural and linguistic issues of textual display design, visual design, intelligent agents, social interfaces, learning modalities, information retrieval, language handling, distributed systems, and integration of Unicode features. The workshop will focus on how frameworks and methodologies can aid in providing modular(More)
ii Acknowledgements First, and foremost, Dr. Dominique G. Homberger has supported, guided, and mentored me in earning this Ph.D. in biology, in becoming a professional anatomist and scientist, and in becoming a lifelong learner and teacher.Dean's Representative) have supported, advised, and critiqued my research as members of my advisory committee. The(More)
The ever popular Structured Query Language (SQL) has continued to be the standard language to access relational databases for almost two decades. As SQL is widely used by all major relational database management systems (RDBMS), there is an ongoing effort to standardize syntax and semantics in the SQL (ISO/IEC) standards SQL-92 and SQL3[3]. The first part(More)
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