Michael G Kallitsakis

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Substituted hydroxycoumarins and 7- or 8-hydroxybenzo[f]coumarins were prepared by the treatment of phenols and naphthalenediols, respectively, with malic acid and H(2)SO(4) under microwave irradiation. 7- or 8-Hydroxybenzo[f]coumarins and 6-hydroxybenzo[h]coumarin were synthesized by the reaction of naphthalenediols with ethylpropiolate in the presence of(More)
AIM Due to the complex nature of Alzheimer's disease, there is a renewed search for pleiotropic agents. RESULTS Purine+coumarin hybrids have been synthesized and tested for the potential treatment of Alzheimer's disease. Hybrids 6, 4a-b, 14c and 14e inhibit significantly soybean lipoxygenase, whereas derivatives 14b, c and 20a present(More)
Cross metathesis (CM) of 9-butenylpurines with 4-butenyloxycoumarin in the presence of Grubbs 2nd generation catalyst under MW irradiation resulted to conjugated compounds containing homo-N-nucleosides and coumarins. Analogous derivatives received by the CM reaction of 9-butenyl-6-piperidinylpurine with 6- or 7-butenyloxycoumarins, allyloxycoumarins or(More)
A family of benzotriazole based coordination compounds, obtained in two steps and good yields from commercially available materials, formulated as [CuII(L1)2(MeCN)2]·2ClO4·MeCN (1), [CuII(L1)(NO3)2]·MeCN (2), [ZnII(L1)2(H2O)2]·2ClO4·2MeCN (3), [CuII(L1)2Cl2]2 (4), [CuII5(L1)2Cl10] (5), [CuII2(L1)4Br2]·4MeCN·CuII2Br6 (6), [CuII(L1)2(MeCN)2]·2BF4 (7),(More)
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