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BACKGROUND Central pontine myelinolysis (CPM) usually presents in chronic alcoholics and in patients in whom hyponatraemia has been corrected rapidly. However, CPM may occur in other clinical circumstances, including patients with severe hypoglycaemia. We describe the occurrence of CPM and quadriplegia in a patient who experienced fluoroquinolone-associated(More)
Auflage dieses allgemein zu empfehlenden Buches, so wie die vorhergegangenen, rasch vergriffen sein wird . E. Sch . Klots, Alexander B. and Elsie B . Klots : Knaurs Tierreich in Farben . Band IV Insekten. Droemersche Verlagsanstalt Th. Knaur, Munchen and Zurich, 1959 . 350S., 283 Abb., davon 152 farbig, 11 Strichzeidtnungen, Leinen DM 39,50 . Weltweite(More)
Hyperbaric oxygen (HBO2) therapy is an established intervention for treating chronic diabetic lower extremity ulcers, but the impact of glycemic control on its efficacy has not been determined. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the impact of blood glucose control at initiation of HBO2 treatment on wound healing. Hemoglobin A1c (HbA1c) was measured(More)
The hallmark manifestations of Cushing's syndrome (CS) are well known, but hypercoagulability is perhaps least recognized. Patients with CS are at increased risk of both spontaneous and postoperative thromboembolism, with the significant majority of events occurring in the lower extremity and pulmonary venous circulations. We present a case of portal vein(More)
Methods: The CFH diabetes team consisted of endocrinologists, a nurse practitioner, nurse diabetes educators, and a registered dietitian providing coordinated diabetes management during a patient’s hospital admission. The team conducted a prospective, nine-month study of its impact on both hospital and ambulatory glycemic control for patients with a primary(More)
c o c s i c a a i c e R a w R RESENTATION single 1-2 mm reddish spot on the sole of the right foot roved to be more ominous than it appeared—despite its pontaneous improvement after 1-2 days. Soon after, the atient, an 18-year-old male, developed multiple similar pots on the soles of both feet, and over a period of 4-5 days, he lesions gradually spread(More)
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