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The Software Engineering Institute (SEI) defines an SPL as a set of software-intensive systems that share a common, managed set of features satisfying the specific needs of a particular market segment or mission. A fundamental principle of SPLs is variability management, which involves separating the product line into three parts - common components, parts(More)
a I Mathematicians first used the sign 4-l without in the least knowing what it could mean, because it shortened work and led to correct results. People naturally tried to find out why this happened and what d-1 really meant. After two hundred years thy succeeded. e New myths about fomal n 1990, Anthony Hall pub-believe that formal methods are merely(More)
The formal methods community is in general very good at undertaking research into the mathematical aspects of formal methods, but not so good at promulgating the use of formal methods in an engineering environment and at an industrial scale. Technology transfer is an extremely important part of the overall eeort necessary in the acceptance of formal(More)
Software has become pervasive. Despite this success and expansion into daily life, there have, of course, been a number of software-related disasters and near-disasters. Software failures have resulted in giving cancer patients excessive (and lethal) doses of radiation, loss of aircraft and spacecraft, and disclosures of private financial information. We(More)
Many research have focused on new formal methods, integrating formal methods into agile ones, and assessing the agility of formal methods. This paper proves that formal methods can survive in an agile world; they are not obsolete and can be integrated into it. The potential for combining agile and formal methods holds promise. It might not always be an easy(More)