Michael G. Hilgers

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  • C Adloff, V Andreev, V Arkadov, A Astvatsatourov, I Ayyaz, A Babaev +321 others
  • 1999
The inclusive single and double differential cross-sections for neutral and charged current processes with four-momentum transfer squared É ¾ between ½½¼ and ¿¼ ¼¼¼ Î ¾ and with Bjorken Ü between ¼¼¼¿¾ and ¼ are measured in · Ô collisions. The data were taken with the H1 detector at HERA between 1994 and 1997, and they correspond to an integrated luminosity(More)
Student response systems (SRS) are devices that allow students to provide categorical and numerical responses to questions embedded within a lecture, and the responses can be tallied and scored in various ways to provide immediate feedback to the students and/or professors. In the fall of 2004 at the University of Missouri – Rolla, questions were(More)
An experimental study was conducted to examine the impact of multiple monitors on user performance and multitasking. Forty-three participants were assigned to two groups - a multi-monitor group and a singlemonitor group - to carry out a series of tasks. Both quantitative and qualitative data were collected and analyzed. Results indicated that those who used(More)
  • C Adloff, V Andreev, V Arkadov, A Astvatsatourov, I Ayyaz, A Babaev +313 others
  • 2007
The first observation of open production in Ô collisions is reported. An event sample containing muons and jets has been selected which is enriched in semileptonic quark decays. The visible cross section´Ô ¼ µ for É ¾ ½ GeV ¾ , ¼½ Ý ¼ is measured to be ¼½½½ ¦ ¼¼½½´×ØØØص ·¼¼¾¾ ¼¼½½´×Ý×Øص Ò for the muons to be detected in the range ¿¿ AE ½¿¼ AE and Ô ¾¼ GeV(More)
  • C Adloff, V Andreev, T Anthonis, V Arkadov, A Astvatsatourov, I Ayyaz +307 others
  • 2000
A measurement is presented of dijet and 3-jet cross sections in low-Ø diffractive deep-inelastic scattering interactions of the type Ô , where the system is separated by a large rapidity gap from a low-mass baryonic system. Data taken with the H1 detector at HERA, corresponding to an integrated luminosity of ½½¼ ÔÔ ½ , are used to measure hadron level(More)
  • C Adloff, V Andreev, V Arkadov, A Astvatsatourov, I Ayyaz, A Babaev +322 others
  • 2007
A search for new bosons possessing couplings to lepton-quark pairs is performed in the H1 experiment at HERA using 1994 to 1997 data corresponding to an integrated luminos-ity of ¿¿ pb ½. First generation leptoquarks (LQs) are searched in very high É ¾ neutral (NC) and charged (CC) current data samples. The measurements are compared to Standard Model (SM)(More)