Michael G. Hilgers

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  • C. Adloff, V. Andreev, +160 authors H. Krehbiel
  • 1999
The inclusive single and double differential cross-sections for neutral and charged current processes with four-momentum transfer squared É ¾ between ½½¼ and ¿¼ ¼¼¼ Î ¾ and with Bjorken Ü between ¼¼¼¿¾ and ¼ are measured in · Ô collisions. The data were taken with the H1 detector at HERA between 1994 and 1997, and they correspond to an integrated luminosity(More)
The law of corporate reorganizations is conventionally justified as a way to preserve a firm's going-concern value: Specialized assets in a particular firm are worth more together in that firm than anywhere else. This paper shows that this notion is mistaken. Its flaw is that it lacks a well-developed understanding of the nature of a firm. Initially, it is(More)
Student response systems (SRS) are devices that allow students to provide categorical and numerical responses to questions embedded within a lecture, and the responses can be tallied and scored in various ways to provide immediate feedback to the students and/or professors. In the fall of 2004 at the University of Missouri – Rolla, questions were(More)
An experimental study was conducted to examine the impact of multiple monitors on user performance and multitasking. Forty-three participants were assigned to two groups - a multi-monitor group and a singlemonitor group - to carry out a series of tasks. Both quantitative and qualitative data were collected and analyzed. Results indicated that those who used(More)
The Analog Pipeline Chip (APC) is a low noise, low power readout chip for silicon micro strip detectors with 128 channels containing an analog pipeline of 32 buffers depth. The chip has been designed for operation at HERA with a power dissipation of 300 − 400 µW per channel and has been used also in several other particle physics experiments. In this paper(More)