Michael G. Endres

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The interdependence of both transport and metabolism on the disposition of drugs has recently gained heightened attention in the literature, and has been termed the "interplay of transport and metabolism". Such "interplay" is observed when inhibition of biliary clearance of a drug results in an "apparent" increase in the metabolic clearance of the drug or(More)
We propose a novel algorithm for calculating multi-baryon correlation functions on the lattice. By considering the permutation of quarks (Wick contractions) and color/spinor contractions simultaneously, we construct a unified index list for the contraction where the redundancies in the original contraction are eliminated. We find that a significant(More)
I present lattice Monte Carlo calculations for a universal four-component Fermi gas confined to a finite box and to a harmonic trap in one spatial dimension. I obtain the values ξ(1D) = 0.370(4) and ξ(1D) = 0.372(1), respectively, for the Bertsch parameter, a nonperturbative universal constant defined as the (square of the) energy of the untrapped (trapped)(More)
Standard methods for including electromagnetic interactions in lattice quantum chromodynamics calculations result in power-law finite-volume corrections to physical quantities. Removing these by extrapolation requires costly computations at multiple volumes. We introduce a photon mass to alternatively regulate the infrared, and rely on effective field(More)
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