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Internet technology is a major enabler for collaboration in customer-oriented processes; in this case a corporate CRM infrastructure for tourist destinations. Besides this crucial technological driver, the need for an increased customer-orientation in marketing activities through the utilization of knowledge about customers forces a change in marketing(More)
Increasingly customers publish their opinions or observations regarding tourism products on the internet. Review websites allow customers to express their opinion regarding the service offered during their stay by awarding points to pre-selected criteria or by publishing their comments. This feedback can provide valuable information to service providers.(More)
This study explores the state of response behaviour to e-mail enquiries in alpine tourism destinations by e-mailing a typical room request with some specific questions to a random sample of 65 tourism offices. One of the striking results was that one third of those electronic enquiries were not answered at all. In addition, many other unexpected results(More)
Study question Are the immune cell profiles and the cytokine concentrations in follicular fluid (FF) and serum at the preovulatory stage different in conventional exogenous gonadotrophin stimulated IVF (c-IVF) compared with natural cycle IVF (NC-IVF)? Summary answer The cell counts of CD45+ leucocytes and T cell subpopulations and the cytokine(More)