Michael Frydrych

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Identification of emotional expressions of a Talking Head (TH) were evaluated and compared to that of natural faces. In addition, the effect of static (pictures) and dynamic (video sequences) stimuli was studied. Natural stimuli consisted of six basic emotional expressions (anger, disgust, fear, happiness, sadness and surprise). Two expression sets were(More)
We have designed and implemented a toolkit for real-time animation of virtual 3D talking head, “Artificial Person”. Synchronized auditory and visual speech are automatically produced from input text, which can be enriched by user definable commands to perform specific gestures, as for example head nodding or facial expressions. The toolkit is extensible(More)
Bacteriorhodopsin (BR), a membrane protein of a microorganism Halobacterium salinarium has been studied since the 80's as a potential material for information technology. The information processing applications of BR employ either photochromic or photoelectric properties of the protein. In this study we discuss about design principles and describe our study(More)
We have studied opto-electric properties of wild type bacteriorhodopsin and its two artificial variants. We have measured opto-electric responses with respect to wavelength for all three proteins and we describe the use of the proteins for color detection. Opto-electric responses of proteins to set of colored lights were measured and it has been shown that(More)
Simulation of dynamic motion of soft tissues is one of the most important topic in nowadays computer animation of human body. So far various elastically deformable models were used for this purpose. We present the extension of model proposed in [15] with volume preserving constraint. We provide also evaluation of the constraint accuracy on two simulation(More)
Bacteriorhodopsin is a protein in the purple membrane of the archaean Halobacterium salinarum. Its natural function is to act as a light-driven proton pump contributing to the energy balancing mechanism in the archaean. Bacteriorhodopsin retains its proton pumping property even when isolated from the purple membrane and incorporated into an artificial(More)
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