Michael Frutiger

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In an attempt to leverage the profile information people maintain on social network platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+, many web sites and online services encourage users to register and log-in using these profiles. Despite the common adoption of this feature by online services, it is not clear whether they should integrate with social(More)
Research on online communities has generated multiple insights into why people join and contribute to online communities. From this research, a theoretical understanding of how to design online communities is emerging. We contribute to this understanding by investigating the impact of an increasingly common but understudied design option available to online(More)
Should a web site integrate with a social network platform such as Facebook? On the one hand, such integration might improve the utility of the site by allowing users to leverage their pre-existing social network platform information. On the other hand, such integration might negate the disinhibition-related benefits associated with anonymity online. Using(More)
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