Michael Friedrich

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The IntCal09 and Marine09 radiocarbon calibration curves have been revised utilizing newly available and updated data sets from 14C measurements on tree rings, plant macrofossils, speleothems, corals, and foraminifera. The calibration curves were derived from the data using the random walk model (RWM) used to generate IntCal09 and Marine09, which has been(More)
Osteoporosis of the hip is a rare complication of pregnancy, the diagnosis of which can only be determined by radiologic means. Differentiation between osteonecrosis and osteoporosis remains problematic in some cases. Magnetic resonance imaging was reported as useful for the diagnosis of osteoporosis. Treatment of osteoporosis of the hip in pregnancy should(More)
INTRODUCTION In the traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), pain and movement restrictions are considered as the result of a blocking of the "Jing-Luo-system" or of a disordered flow of the Jing-Qis in the "Jing-Luo-system". PATIENTS AND METHODOLOGY In this study 48 patients with mammary cancer after ablation and axillary lymphadenectomy were treated with(More)
We analyzed human Mut-S-Homologon-2 expression in normal endometrial tissue (n = 15) and malignancies of the uterine corpus (n = 40). Human Mut-S-Homologon-2 protein was investigated immunohistochemically on frozen sections, using a highly sensitive streptavidin-peroxidase technique and a specific mouse monoclonal antibody (clone FE11). Human(More)
In order to ascertain the current clinical concepts in treating acute necrotizing pancreatitis (ANP), an inquiry was made covering 28 anesthesiologic, medical and surgical departments. Problems of particular concern were antibiotics, indication for mandatory ventilation, estimation of ERCP and needle biopsy, methods of treating intestinal stasis, criteria(More)
Presbyopia, the inability to focus up close, affects everyone by age 50 and is the most common eye condition. It is thought to result from changes to the lens over time making it less flexible. We present evidence that presbyopia may be the result of age-related changes to the proteins of the lens fibre cells. Specifically, we show that there is a(More)
Precise and direct dating of the Minoan eruption of Santorini (Thera) in Greece, a global Bronze Age time marker, has been made possible by the unique find of an olive tree, buried alive in life position by the tephra (pumice and ashes) on Santorini. We applied so-called radiocarbon wiggle-matching to a carbon-14 sequence of tree-ring segments to constrain(More)
Our objective was to establish reference values for ductus venosus, inferior vena cava and hepatic vein flow velocities during ventricular systole (S-wave) and diastole (D-wave), the lowest forward velocity during atrial contraction (a-wave), the intensity-weighted mean flow velocity (Vmean) and different calculated indices. Venous flow velocity waveforms(More)
The formation of an internal barrier to the diffusion of small molecules in the lens during middle age is hypothesized to be a key event in the development of age-related nuclear (ARN) cataract. Changes in membrane lipids with age may be responsible. In this study, we investigated the effect of age on the distribution of sphingomyelins, the most abundant(More)
Whole cell currents were measured in isolated cardiocytes of guinea pig under anoxic conditions (pO2 <0.5 torr). After 2 to 32 (mean 11.2) minutes of anoxia, time independent outward currents developed gradually which had a linear current-voltage relation between -100 and +20 mV and reversed at the resting potential of the cells (-82 to -90 mV). After 20 to(More)