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The IntCal09 and Marine09 radiocarbon calibration curves have been revised utilizing newly available and updated data sets from 14 C measurements on tree rings, plant macrofossils, speleothems, corals, and foraminifera. The calibration curves were derived from the data using the random walk model (RWM) used to generate IntCal09 and Marine09, which has been(More)
The region specific homeotic gene spalt (sal) of Drosophila melanogaster promotes the specification of terminal pattern elements as opposed to segments in the trunk. Our results show that the previously reported sal transcription unit was misidentified. Based on P-element mediated germ line transformation and DNA sequence analysis of sal mutant alleles, we(More)
BACKGROUND Patients with rheumatic diseases receiving antitumour necrosis factor (TNF)-alpha-based treatment may develop cutaneous reactions. OBJECTIVES To analyse the new onset or aggravation of skin lesions in patients with a rheumatic disease during treatment with TNF-alpha antagonists. METHODS We conducted a prospective analysis of 35 of 150(More)
Precise and direct dating of the Minoan eruption of Santorini (Thera) in Greece, a global Bronze Age time marker, has been made possible by the unique find of an olive tree, buried alive in life position by the tephra (pumice and ashes) on Santorini. We applied so-called radiocarbon wiggle-matching to a carbon-14 sequence of tree-ring segments to constrain(More)
INTRODUCTION In the traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), pain and movement restrictions are considered as the result of a blocking of the "Jing-Luo-system" or of a disordered flow of the Jing-Qis in the "Jing-Luo-system". PATIENTS AND METHODOLOGY In this study 48 patients with mammary cancer after ablation and axillary lymphadenectomy were treated with(More)
The authors demonstrate expression of the vitamin D receptor (VDR) and its hydroxylases in the endometrium and ovaries of women with and without endometriosis and endometrial or ovarian cancer. Immunohistochemistry showed strong staining of the VDR in endometriosis and endometrial cancer, with the most intense staining in epithelial cells. The VDR mRNA was(More)
Interleukin(IL)-10 and IL-22 are structurally related cytokines. Their heterodimeric receptors consist of the cytokine-specific chains IL-10R1 and IL-22R1, respectively, and the common chain IL-10R2. This study focused on the question of whether IL-10 modulates IL-22 effects and vice versa. This question is important because IL-10 and IL-22 exert anti- and(More)
Although the effectiveness of systemic antipsoriatic treatment with fumaric acid esters has been proven, their mode of action is still not understood. Recent results indicate their potency in inducing cytokine production in stimulated T cells. Since monocytes and their cytokines are also considered to be of pathogenic importance in psoriasis, we(More)
The aim of this study was to analyze the hormonal basis for low 1,25(OH)2D3 circulating levels in patients with preeclampsia and/or preterm deliveries. The activity and expression of the 1 alphaOHase, 25-OHase, 24-OHase and VDR in the placental tissue of normal pregnancies, preeclampsia-complicated pregnancies and premature births were investigated. The(More)
1,25(OH)(2)D(3) (calcitriol) has been shown to play an important role in cell proliferation, differentiation and immune responsiveness. The enzyme responsible for calcitriol synthesis 25 hydroxyvitamin D(3)-1alpha-hydroxylase (1alpha-OHase) has been reported in many human tissues. The aim of this study was to investigate the expression of 1alpha-OHase in(More)