Michael Franzen

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Two sets of primers derived from genomic DNA libraries of Leptospira serovars icterohaemorrhagiae (strain RGA) and bim (strain 1051) enabled the amplification by PCR of target DNA fragments from leptospiral reference strains belonging to all presently described pathogenic Leptospira species. The icterohaemorrhagiae-derived primers (G1/G2) enabled(More)
OBJECTIVE The purpose of this study was to examine the ability of specific, commonly used neuropsychological tests of executive function to predict functional status among a group of elderly subjects. METHODS Fifty study participants underwent a brief neuropsychological evaluation of executive functions and assessment of instrumental activities of daily(More)
To assess the effect of reducing intra-abdominal pressure (IAP) by paracentesis on renal resistive index (RI), hemodynamics and renal function. Uncontrolled trial in a university gastroenterological intensive care unit. Twelve spontaneously breathing cirrhotic patients with hepatorenal syndrome, tense ascites and a clinical indication for paracentesis.(More)
This research examined the role of cognitive factors (attributions about the causes of sleep difficulties and presleep cognitive activity) in sleep-onset insomnia. Thirty-four subjects, including 13 mild to extreme insomniacs, were interviewed and then spent 5 consecutive nights in a sleep laboratory. In a multiple regression paradigm predictor measures(More)
OBJECTIVE Volume depletion and/or increased hematocrit are associated with poor prognosis in necrotizing pancreatitis. Several studies suggest that intrathoracic blood volume index (ITBI) might be superior to central venous pressure (CVP) with regard to preload assessment. Therefore, the aim of our study was to evaluate the predictive value of CVP and(More)
INTRODUCTION Circulatory dysfunction in cirrhotic patients may cause a specific kind of functional renal failure termed hepato-renal syndrome (HRS). It contributes to the high incidence of renal failure in cirrhotic intensive care unit (ICU) patients. Fluid therapy may aggravate renal failure by increasing ascites and intra-abdominal pressure (IAP). This(More)
Interpretation of aerial images is normally carried out by visual interpretation as traditional classification routines are too limited in dealing with the complexity of very high resolution data. Segmentation based classifiers can overcome this limitation by dividing images into homogenous segments and using them as basis for further classification(More)
Programming requires years of training. With natural language and end user development methods, programming could become available to everyone. It enables end users to program their own devices and extend the functionality of the existing system without any knowledge of programming languages. In this paper, we describe an Interactive Spreadsheet Processing(More)
The banded newt (genus Ommatotriton) is widely distributed in the Near East (Anatolia, Caucasus and the Levant) - an understudied region from the perspective of phylogeography. The genus is polytypic, but the number of species included and the phylogenetic relationships between them are not settled. We sequenced two mitochondrial and two nuclear DNA markers(More)