Michael Frank

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In many fields of research and business data sizes are breaking the petabyte barrier. This imposes new problems and research possibilities for the database community. Usually, data of this size is stored in large clusters or clouds. Although clouds have become very popular in recent years, there is only little work on benchmarking cloud applications. In(More)
x Abstract TileWorld is an abstract testbed system designed to support experimentation with agent architectures in dynamic and unpredictable environments. The system includes a simulated environment, an embedded agent, and a set of routines to facilitate experimentation. It runs under Common Lisp, using the X-windows facility to display the simulation while(More)
With the rapidly decreasing prices for storage and storage systems ever larger data sets become economical. While only few years ago only successful transactions would be recorded in sales systems, today every user interaction will be stored for ever deeper analysis and richer user modeling. This has led to the development of big data systems, which offer(More)
Data is one of the most important resources for modern enterprises. Better analytics allow for a better understanding of customer requirements and market dynamics. The more data is collected, the more information can be extracted. However, information value extraction is limited by data processing speeds. Due to fast technological advances in big data(More)