Michael Frank

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Fortune favors those who are able to align their plans and goals to accord with the constraints imposed on them by an intricate and dynamic world. However, this presents an exceedingly difficult assignment, since the constraints pressed on an organism are typically complex, uncertain, and even paradoxical. When foodstuffs run low in the fall, should a(More)
[38] John C. Wootton and Scott Federhen. Statistics of local complexity in amino acid sequences and sequence databases. [39] J. Ziv and A. Lempel. Compression of individual sequences via variable-rate coding. [24] M. C. O'Neill. Consensus methods for nding and ranking DNA binding sites. A maximum entropy principle for the distribution of local complexity in(More)
In many fields of research and business data sizes are breaking the petabyte barrier. This imposes new problems and research possibilities for the database community. Usually, data of this size is stored in large clusters or clouds. Although clouds have become very popular in recent years, there is only little work on benchmarking cloud applications. In(More)
Different languages divide the color spectrum in different ways. Can such linguistic codes affect color discrimination? Results of three experiments suggest that color language can influence people's color judgments even in conditions when all color stimuli are present at the same time and need not be stored in memory. Two experiments showed that(More)
BACKGROUND Optimal ECG triggering is of paramount importance for correct blood flow quantification during cardiovascular magnetic resonance (CMR). However, optimal ECG triggering and therefore blood flow quantification is impaired in many patients with congenital heart disease (CHD) due to complex QRS patterns. Therefore, a new ECG-trigger algorithm was(More)
With the rapidly decreasing prices for storage and storage systems ever larger data sets become economical. While only few years ago only successful transactions would be recorded in sales systems, today every user interaction will be stored for ever deeper analysis and richer user modeling. This has led to the development of big data systems, which offer(More)