Michael Frank

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The construction of a program that generates crossword puzzles is discussed. As in a recent paper by Dechter and Meiri, we make an experimental comparison of various search techniques. The conclusions to which we come differ from theirs in some areas-although we agree that directional arc consistency is better than path-consistency or other forms of(More)
Aversively motivated learning is more poorly understood than appetitively motivated learning in many aspects, including the role of dopamine receptors in different regions of the striatum. The present study investigated the roles of the D1-like DA receptors in the nucleus accumbens (NAc) and dorsolateral striatum (DLS) on learning and performance of(More)
An important goal for computer science is to nd practical, scalable models of computation that are as eecient as is permitted by the laws of physics. Physics implies fundamental constraints on the ef-ciency of computations that produce entropy. As a result, it appears that the most eecient possible computers must use reversible primitive operations which(More)
The objective of this study was to obtain estimates of the number of nerve fibers in the human crista ampullaris and utricular macula from normal individuals using unbiased stereology and immunohistochemistry. Vestibular endorgans with the attached vestibular nerve stump were microdissected from the temporal bones. Specimens were divided into two groups.(More)
The reversible and \adiabatic" transfer of charge in digital circuits has recently been a subject of interest in the low-power electronics community, but no one has yet created a complete, purely reversible CPU using this technology. Fundamental physical scaling laws imply that a fully-reversible processing element would permit unboundedly greater eeciency(More)
Reversibility is the only way to compute with asymptotically zero power, and is a novel approach to low power, low energy computing. Recent implementations of reversible and adi-abatic 15, 7] logic in standard cmos silicon processes have motivated further research into reversible computing. The application of reversible computing techniques to reduce energy(More)
This study examines the use of high spatial resolution hyperspectral imagery in combination with light detection and ranging (LiDAR) data and digital aerial imagery for vegetation management of utility corridors. Two different classification methods, i.e. the support vector machines (SVM) and the spectral angle mapper (SAM) were applied on the datasets to(More)
BACKGROUND Optimal ECG triggering is of paramount importance for correct blood flow quantification during cardiovascular magnetic resonance (CMR). However, optimal ECG triggering and therefore blood flow quantification is impaired in many patients with congenital heart disease (CHD) due to complex QRS patterns. Therefore, a new ECG-trigger algorithm was(More)
The construction of a program that generates crossword puzzles is discussed. The aim of this research is to draw conclusions that apply to conjunctive search generally, and the experimental results obtained in the crossword-puzzle domain lead us to the following: (1) Lookahead is extremely important when solving conjunctive queries, (2) Compile-time control(More)