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This paper's findings suggest that an arbitrary Chinese policy that greatly increases total suspended particulates (TSP) air pollution is causing the 500 million residents of Northern China to lose more than 2.5 billion life years of life expectancy. The quasi-experimental empirical approach is based on China's Huai River policy, which provided free winter(More)
The construction of a program that generates crossword puzzles is discussed. As in a recent paper by Dechter and Meiri, we make an experimental comparison of various search techniques. The conclusions to which we come differ from theirs in some areas-although we agree that directional arc consistency is better than path-consistency or other forms of(More)
x Abstract TileWorld is an abstract testbed system designed to support experimentation with agent architectures in dynamic and unpredictable environments. The system includes a simulated environment, an embedded agent, and a set of routines to facilitate experimentation. It runs under Common Lisp, using the X-windows facility to display the simulation while(More)
OBJECTIVE In a large series of patients with cervical artery dissection (CeAD), a major cause of ischemic stroke in young and middle-aged adults, we aimed to examine frequencies and correlates of family history of CeAD and of inherited connective tissue disorders. METHODS We combined data from 2 large international multicenter cohorts of consecutive(More)
The spectral and temporal dependence of b-delayed g rays in the range EX3:0 MeV from thermal–neutron-induced fission are shown to be characteristic signatures of 235 U and 239 Pu: For the interrogation of large seagoing cargo containers filled with hydrogenous materials, b-delayed g rays can offer an increase in sensitivity for the detection of these and(More)
The construction of a program that generates crossword puzzles is discussed. The aim of this research is to draw conclusions that apply to conjunctive search generally, and the experimental results obtained in the crossword-puzzle domain lead us to the following: (1) Lookahead is extremely important when solving conjunctive queries, (2) Compile-time control(More)