Michael Fröhlich

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The starting point of this review is the assumption that single-set training (SST) can be regarded as an equal alternative to multiple-set strength training. On the basis of 72 primary studies, the meta-analysis dealt with the problem of single-set vs. multiple-set training (MST). The effectiveness of these training methods was examined depending on various(More)
We present the graph visualization system daVinci, an interactive tool that can be used by arbitrary application programs as a user interface for graph data structures. Beside a novel automatic layout algorithm for graphs, daVinci offers many interactive facilities such as fine-tuning of a layout, abstractions and scaling operations. A bidirectional(More)
The intrinsic pathway of apoptotic cell death is mainly mediated by the BCL-2-associated X (BAX) protein through permeabilization of the mitochondrial outer membrane (MOM) and the concomitant release of cytochrome c into the cytosol. In healthy, non-apoptotic cells, BAX is predominantly localized in the cytosol and exhibits a dynamic shuttle cycle between(More)
Apoptosis is an essential physiological process accompanying the development of the central nervous system and human neurogenesis. However, the time scale and the underlying molecular mechanisms are yet poorly understood. Due to this fact, we investigated the functionality and general inducibility of apoptosis in the human neural ReNcell VM progenitor cell(More)
Time-effective protocols may potentially increase people's compliance with exercise. The purpose of this paper was to compare the relative effects of 16 weeks of high intensity (resistance) training (HIT) with and without protein supplementation (HIT&P) and HVHIT (high volume/high intensity training) versus a nontraining control group on cardiometabolic(More)
High-intensity (resistance) exercise (HIT) and whole-body electromyostimulation (WB-EMS) are both approaches to realize time-efficient favorable changes of body composition and strength. The purpose of this study was to determine the effectiveness of WB-EMS compared with the gold standard reference HIT, for improving body composition and muscle strength in(More)
Several studies analyzed the effectiveness of cold-water immersion (CWI) to support recovery after strenuous exercise, but the overall results seem to be conflicting. Most of these studies analyzed only short-term recovery effects, whereas the adaptational aspect has been widely neglected. Therefore, we analyzed the effects of repeated cooling after(More)
BACKGROUND Peroneus longus acts as a foot evertor and pronator, thus ensuring stability of the talocrural joint by curbing inversion movement of the rearfoot. Increased activation of the peroneus longus muscle in the stance phase could have a stabilising effect on the ankle joint. This study aimed to determine whether the activity of the peroneus longus(More)