Michael Fröhlich

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The starting point of this review is the assumption that single-set training (SST) can be regarded as an equal alternative to multiple-set strength training. On the basis of 72 primary studies, the meta-analysis dealt with the problem of single-set vs. multiple-set training (MST). The effectiveness of these training methods was examined depending on various(More)
We present the graph visualization system daVinci, an interactive tool that can be used by arbitrary application programs as a user interface for graph data structures. Beside a novel automatic layout algorithm for graphs, daVinci offers many interactive facilities such as fine-tuning of a layout, abstractions and scaling operations. A bidirectional(More)
Several studies analyzed the effectiveness of cold-water immersion (CWI) to support recovery after strenuous exercise, but the overall results seem to be conflicting. Most of these studies analyzed only short-term recovery effects, whereas the adaptational aspect has been widely neglected. Therefore, we analyzed the effects of repeated cooling after(More)
The motor performance of children and adolescents has been a subject of controversial discussion. As part of a pilot project, 839 schoolchildren from 14 different schools in Saarland were studied and their height, weight and sport motor performance were measured using the German motor performance test DMT 6-18. The results show a slight increase in the(More)
The heptathlon comprises the results of seven single disciplines, assuming an equal influence from each discipline, depending on the measured performance. Data analysis was based on the data recorded for the individual performances of the 10 winning heptathletes in the World descriptive analysis methods, correlations, bivariate and multivariate linear(More)
In the western hemisphere Parkinson's disease is a very prevalent neurodegenerative disorder affecting mainly people of advance age (> 60 years). Besides the well known tremor the symptomatology is characterized by a multivariate structure (rigidity, akineasia, postural and gait disorder). The treatment is primarily based on a pharmaceutical compensation(More)
Handing down health knowledge and behavior patterns is a main objective of health promotion. Often, interventions do not bring about the intended change of behavior. This could be due, among other things, to the fact that the majority of intervention programs are not based on principles of instructional design to bridge the gap between knowledge and action.(More)
The study examines the question to what extent children and adolescents differ in terms of motor performance in dependence of their socio-economic status (SES). A sample of 1389 students in Saarland (Germany) in various grades (1st grade: age 7.26 ± 0.38 years, 4th grade: 10.3 ± 0.4 years, 7th grade: 13.44 ± 0.49 years, 10th grade: 16.36 ± 0.69 years) has(More)
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