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The fruitless (fru) gene of Drosophila produces both sex-specifically and non-sex-specifically spliced transcripts. Male-specific fru products are believed to regulate male courtship. To further an understanding of this gene's behavioral role, we examined the central nervous system (CNS) for temporal, spatial, and sexually dimorphic expression patterns of(More)
In Saccharomyces cerevisiae, the HMR-E silencer blocks site-specific interactions between proteins and their recognition sequences in the vicinity of the silencer. Silencer function is correlated with the firing of an origin of replication at HMR-E. An essential gene with a role in transcriptional silencing was identified by means of a screen for mutations(More)
We have identified an 80-kD protein that is involved in mitotic spindle elongation in the diatom Cylindrotheca fusiformis. DSK1 (Diatom Spindle Kinesin 1) was isolated using a peptide antibody raised against a conserved region in the motor domain of the kinesin superfamily. By sequence homology, DSK1 belongs to the central motor family of kinesin-related(More)
Assembly and disassembly of viral capsids are essential steps in the viral life cycle. Studies on their kinetics are mostly performed in vitro, allowing application of biochemical, biophysical and visualizing techniques. In vivo kinetics are poorly understood and the transferability of the in vitro models to the cellular environment remains speculative. We(More)
The fruitless (fru) gene functions in Drosophila males to establish the potential for male sexual behaviors. fru encodes a complex set of sex-specific and sex-nonspecific mRNAs through the use of multiple promoters and alternative pre-mRNA processing. The male-specific transcripts produced from the distal (P1) fru promoter are believed to be responsible for(More)
Virtually all DNA viruses including hepatitis B viruses (HBV) replicate their genome inside the nucleus. In non-dividing cells, the genome has to pass through the nuclear pore complexes (NPCs) by the aid of nuclear transport receptors as e.g. importin beta (karyopherin). Most viruses release their genome in the cytoplasm or at the cytosolic face of the NPC,(More)
This paper introduces the <i>Axon</i>, an Ethernet-compatible device for creating large-scale datacenter networks. Axons are inexpensive, practical devices that are demonstrated using prototype hardware. Functionally, Axons replace Ethernet switches and maintain full compatibility with existing Ethernet hosts. Between themselves, however, Axons(More)
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Laplace transforms for the nabla-difference operator and a fractional variation of parameters formula, Communications in Applied Math., accepted and to appear. Nonlinear diffusion models with peridynamic-type nonlocality, in progress. Steady state models for nonlocal heat conduction in peridynamics, in progress. Robust population management under(More)
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