Michael Fleyer

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Recent advances in electro-optical systems make them ideal for undersampling multiband signals with very high carrier frequencies. In this paper, we propose a new scheme for sampling and reconstructing of a multiband sparse signals that occupy a small part of a given broad frequency range under the constraint of a small number of sampling channels. The(More)
We study, theoretically and experimentally, intensity noise induced by double Rayleigh scattering in long optical fibers. The results of the theoretical model are compared to experimental results performed with a high-coherence-length laser with a frequency noise spectrum that is dominated by 1/fν noise. Excellent quantitative agreement between theoretical(More)
We demonstrate experimentally an optical system for undersampling several bandwidth-limited signals with carrier frequencies that are not known apriori and can be located within a broad frequency region of 0-20 GHz. The system is based on undersampling synchronously at three different rates. The optical undersampling down-converts the entire system(More)
We experimentally demonstrate a wideband-frequency tunable optoelectronic oscillator (OEO) based on injection locking of the OEO to a tunable electronic oscillator. The OEO cavity does not contain a narrowband filter and its frequency can be tuned over a broad bandwidth of 1 GHz. The injection locking is based on minimizing the injected power by adjusting(More)
Homogeneously broadened delay-line oscillators such as lasers or optoelectronic oscillators (OEOs) can potentially oscillate in a large number of cavity modes that are supported by their amplifier bandwidth. In a continuous wave operating mode, the oscillating mode is selected between one or few cavity modes that experience the highest small-signal gain. In(More)
Backward Rayleigh scattering in optical fibers due to the fluctuations that are "frozen-in" to the fiber during the manufacturing process may limit the performance of optical sensors and bidirectional coherent optical communication systems. In this manuscript we describe a comprehensive model for studying intensity noise induced by spontaneous Rayleigh(More)
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